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Meet the Team

Fourth Cone Restoration is a women-owned art studio dedicated to the restoration and conservation of vintage posters, prints, fine art, and collectibles. We have been serving collectors, poster dealers, framers, galleries, and museums since 2014. 


The name Fourth Cone refers to the color-sensing cells in the human eye. While almost all people have three types of cones, there is a small percentage of people who have a fourth. This additional cone enables them to perceive a wider variety of colors.

Chelsea Scheller, Owner

Chelsea Scheller


Jessica Moreno, Studio Manager

Jessica Moreno

Studio Manager

Jacob Messig, Social Media Manager

Jacob Messig

Social Media Manager

Katherine Dimond, Owner

Katherine Dimond


Candace McKay, Restoration Artist

Candace McKay

Restoration Artist

Melissa Scott, Owner

Melissa Scott


Simone Tilmon, Restoration Artist

Simone Tilmon

Restoration Artist

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