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Fourth Cone Restoration is a women-owned small business dedicated to the restoration and conservation of vintage posters, prints, works on paper, collectibles, ephemera, and objets d'art. We have over 45 years' combined experience in various linenbacking and restoration studios around the country. No matter what your vintage poster or artwork needs, we have the solution. Serving collectors, dealers, framers, galleries, and museums. 


The name Fourth Cone refers to the color-sensing cells in the human eye. While almost all people have three types of cones, there is a small percentage of people who have a fourth. This additional cone enables them to perceive a wider variety of colors.


A founding member of Fourth Cone, Melissa Scott graduated from The University of California at Davis with a BFA in Painting and a minor in Art History. Her years of restoration experience combined with an unmatched eye for detail make her our specialist in all unusual projects.


Melissa uses her expertise in photorealistic painting to seamlessly re-create large missing areas of artwork. She can invent new methods to suit any item's needs. Her patience and persistence are perhaps the strongest tools in Fourth Cone's armory.

Katie Dimond earned her BFA in sculpture in 2001 at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She spent the next twelve years restoring vintage posters in both New York and Los Angeles before becoming a founding member of Fourth Cone Restoration.


Because of her extensive background in linen backing and restoration, Katie has developed a speedy and precise method of working, which keeps Fourth Cone efficient. Her experience means that no matter how rare a poster is, she has probably seen it before, and knows of any unusual problems or characteristics it may have.

Chelsea Scheller's role as the business mind of Fourth Cone is fortified by years of experience at the senior management level. Before serving as CFO at another Los Angeles poster restoration studio, Chelsea oversaw 30+ employees as Operations and Business Development Manager of a medspa.


One of the original founders of Fourth Cone, Chelsea is well-known amongst galleries and poster collectors for her impeccable customer service. She will ensure your poster or artwork is restored exactly to your specifications and is finished in a timely manner.

Fourth Cone Restoration Owners
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